AVCataloger 3.8

Catalog your favorite music, video, software, and book collections

AVCataloger is a four-in-one cataloging solution for cataloging Music, Videos, Books, and Software collections. The application uses a familiar interface that most are accustomed to using, that of Microsoft Outlook. Using a navigation bar down the left side of the screen, it's easy to navigate between the data entry areas, reports, graphs, and Internet resources integrated directly into AVCataloger.

Data entry is simple, type information in the top "add" row and then hit enter, data is automatically saved. Internet resources are tightly integrated, such as CDDB disc recognition by Gracenote making cataloging Music CD albums as easy as one click of the mouse. AVCataloger provides four main data entry areas for cataloging Music, Video, Books and Software, with the addition of two bonus areas, a Loan Log and Shopping/Wish List tracking system, similar to a TO-DO list.

Numerous reports are provided for insurance purposes, inventory control, and general cataloging. Interactive graphs are included to provide a visual analysis of data broken down by each main topic area. AVCataloger is your "four-in-one" cataloging solution - providing all four major cataloging areas within one software application for ultimate ease of use.



AVCataloger 3.8

User reviews about AVCataloger

  • karstjo

    by karstjo

    "Ok, but discontinued"

    My first multimedia cataloger. Functioned good with many types of reports and got info from IMDB and had CDDB. Had some ... More.

    reviewed on May 29, 2012